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The Best Part Of Duke Losing Is Coach K Reminding Everyone He's The Biggest Hypocritical Baby In The Game

Classic Coach fucking K. I fully expect him to start his press conference off by playing the hits too. He'll use some sort of excuse about being sick or someone not being fully healthy and then talk about how he went into the NC State locker room to congratulate them on beating Duke. Every time Duke loses it's the same song and dance with this bozo. 

I'm sure Duke fans will have some sort of excuse for him, but this isn't the first time. It's literally every loss. Maybe he realized they aren't nearly as good as their record and pulled some games out of their ass before losing by 30 to NC State. Maybe he realized that they don't have another dude who can go get his own shot outside of Tre Jones and Veron Carey. Who knows, either way this is my favorite thing when Duke loses - besides Duke actually losing. 

Of course he followed this up by doing exactly what I - and anyone who has ever watched Duke lose - predicted. 

It's the most obvious prediction of all predictions. The dude is just so sanctimonious, making sure he explains how important it is to beat Duke. It's always about Duke, instead of just doing what every other coach in America does after a loss. 100% chance he looked around for a camera in order to achieve this last night with Markell Johnson too. 

As for the game itself? We can talk about that. Duke was embarrassed. Plain and simple, they got their ass kicked. It happens, but it also just showcased Duke's biggest problems going forward. You can beat this team by spreading them out and forcing Vernon Carey to guard high ball screens. He struggles a ton in that. They just happened to pull out 3 close wins to make their record look better when teams had them. Then on the offensive side there are 2 things to stop. Tre Jones getting into the paint and Vernon Carey in the post. They don't have other play makers. Cassius Stanley can finish at the rim, but not going to get his own more often than not. White/Baker/AOC are all spot up shooters. DeLaurier/Goldwire/Moore are defense guys. Hurt is unique but he's a stretch 4 that falls more into the spot up shooting role. 

Coach K always has been and always will be the biggest hypocritical baby in college hoops. 

PS: How shitty do you gotta feel if you're that first assistant coach getting passed on over? 

PPS: Long live Mark Gottfried with this move from a few years ago