Wake Up With Chicago Legend, Dewayne Wise Saving Mark Buehrle's Perfect Game

There is always THE play in a perfect game. A nice catch, a diving stop to nab a runner, an unreal throw across the diamond, doesn't matter what it is, there is always THE play. Dewayne Wise has maybe the most memorable play to preserve a perfect game when he made this jaw dropping catch against the wall. Top 9 and Mark Buehrle could smell it, until Gabe Kapler smoked a ball and it looked like it was all over. You can hear the crowd deflate, they're itching to see the perfecto. Wise rises up over the wall, snags it, brings it home, starts to tumble, fumbles the ball, and still maintains the catch. A legit perfect game saving catch, cuz that ball is gone if Wise doesn't get it. Maybe a top 5 catch in baseball history. Guy will probably never buy a beef in Chicago again.