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J Lo Wore Pajamas On Jimmy Fallon With Major Cleavage Again, Her Latest Photoshoot Is Absurd

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Just another day of J Lo flashing her tits all up in everyone’s eyeball steady reminding everyone she’s getting hotter by the second. She’s gone well beyond the “aging like a fine wine” comparison. Shes beyond Benjamin Button and Fountain of Youth jokes. I dont even know what to say anymore. Take a look at these pictures in the feature the guys over at Complex did on her: 

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.06.25 PM

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Fuck you Mo! I’m sitting here talking on webcams to Portnoy about Bieber and Complex and doing photoshoots with the hottest woman in the world right now.

At this point J Lo is like an athlete who’s on an incredible hot streak. I mean like a historical legendary hot streak. Like when Kobe scored 40 points a game every night for that month back in 2003. Or Kershaw’s streaks where he gives up 2 runs or less with like 10K for like 20 straight starts. A hit streak that gets up into the 30s and you start the Dimaggio discussion. The sort of stuff where you turn on Sportscenter in the morning to check out their performance just to see if they kept it up. And the real greats never disappoint. It gets to the point where you just expect it. Thats where J Lo is at now. I’m clicking on every article about every appearance not to see if shes still bringing the heat. but just how hot is she. You already know she’s gonna be scorching, its just a matter of if she can top her last performance. Like those pictures from Complex are insane. I’m sure a little shopped and touched up but the basic premise of that bathing suit up her ass and those one piece outfits with her tits out are there. Shes an absolute immortal and shes throwing fireballs every night still.