SABERMETRIC STAT OF THE YEAR: Seton Hall Is Now 26-0 When Brian Custer Calls Their Game After This ABSURD Buzzer Beater

That's the ridiculous buzzer beater and we'll get to that in a second. But first we gotta talk about the stat of the year. Seton Hall is now 26-0 with Brian Custer on the call! 26-0! Feels like that's something we gotta start looking at when gambling. Not sure how, but there's gotta be an advantage here. 

As for that buzzer beater. My god, that's a gorgeous play by Kevin Willard and it absolutely bailed Seton Hall out. They were asleep the entire first half - again. It was a bit shocking, honestly. Willard ripped into his team after losing at Providence and they are coming home to play Butler. You should be up for that. They weren't. They came out how in the 2nd half and made up for it though. However, the last minute of the game was disgusting, especially if you were on Seton Hall -4.5/5 and thought you were about to sneak out a win. Seton Hall gave up three threes in a row to have the game tied despite making free throws. 

But then this. And to make it even cooler, Sandro dropped this: 

Seems like we keep getting awesome stories like this day after day in college hoops, because sports, man. Nothing like it.