I Have To Admit, I Kinda Dig This Tattoo Of Andy Reid As The Mandalorian And Patrick Mahomes As Baby Yoda

Earlier today when I heard about this tattoo, I decided to throw a wig on and give my live reaction the first time I saw it. This is how it played out:

I want to hate this tattoo because hate is what the internet does best and Mando Andy Reid looks more like Dr. Robotnik visiting Star Wars Celebration in some Boba Fett cosplay than Mandy Bahama on a calf that has clearly indulged in the finest Kansas City barbecue. But if the two biggest things in your life are Star Wars and the Kansas City Chiefs, there is no better way to instantly get that happy feeling in your stomach from the three month stretch of awesomeness you just experienced than by looking at that tattoo. 

If you think about it, Andy Reid and Mando are pretty much the same guy outside of both of them having sweet ass utility belts.

1. Both came to age around a ruthless tribe: The Mandalorians and Philadelphians

2. Both fear machines: Droids and Game Clocks 

3. Both were saved by younger creatures that may be the most powerful beings in the entire galaxy: Yoda 2.0 and Patrick Mahomes II.0

Being able to sum up that magical season of football and that magical season of TV while conveniently ignoring the hilariously uneven Rise of Skywalker with just a little bit of ink is worth the pound of flesh this guy paid. Plus you honestly can't go wrong with a Baby Yoda tattoo since he is pretty much the most adorable thing in the galaxy.