Mugshot Hall Of Fame Nominee Never Saw The Cops Coming

WFSB - An East Hartford man, who police said spat on an officer during his arrest last Friday, is facing charges.

South Windsor police arrested 26-year-old Shawn Congdon last Friday after he was stopped for speeding.

During the traffic stop, police discovered Congdon was wanted on an active arrest warrant for failure to appear.

While transporting Congdon following his arrest, police said Congdon purposely spat on the arresting officer and failed to cooperate during the booking process.


I don't want to say who I immediately thought that looked like but I'm not not going to say once Phil Kessel popped into my mind it's all I could see. But I'm not going to actually say that even thought I keep scrolling up and laughing because that just ain't right. 

What this story obviously is about is (note: I just scrolled up and laughed again) how Shawn Congdon had absolutely no way of knowing he was speeding or that the cops were after him. I mean he looks like Riggs via 2018, what was he supposed to do? Dude would have to turn his entire head to see out the side-view mirrors, there's no way for him to know the 5-0 were on his tail. 

(I just scrolled up again. What a preposterous picture.)

As it turns out though, he ended up spitting on the police during the arrest. Can't do that. I just scrolled up and started to feel bad. Guy has nothing go for him besides methamphetamine (allegedly). But guess what he does have now? An entry into the Mugshot Hall of Fame. If he gets a face tattoo and picks up a quick reckless driving charge he can be in on the first ballot. Ball's in his court, eye'll be watching him.




h/t @Cue_the_Music