It's Safe To Say That If Stan Bowman Doesn't Make Any Trades This Week Then He Will Be Fired

Pretty keen observation by my guy Pat Boyle. If the Blackhawks fail to make any moves between now and the deadline on Monday 2/24 that means it's very possible that Stan has been fired. Not officially. But in the summer. There are ONLY two possible explainations for not trading Gustafsson and one of the goalies(Lehner). 1) Stan is completely imcompotent. Which, of course, is very possible. 2) Ownership and/or the powers that be(McDonough) has told him thanks but no thanks. They can't stomach or trust Stan Bowman to make one more single move because of his track record over the last 5 years. 

Gustafsson for a 7th round fuckstick is better than keeping him and letting him walk for nothing in the summer. Even Stan has to know that. I think. And THOSE two reasons is why I have been at peace with this entire season. It is coming to an end. One way or another at least the Blackhawks with have a sense of direction going forward. We, in Chicago, could finally go forward with a new set of eyes, and an end to the Game Of Thrones style Hockey Ops led by the Bowmans and McDonough. We will enter a new era with hopefully both McDonough and Bowman gone and perhaps replaced by guys from the Wirtz family, and enlarged role for a guy like Pete Hassen, a new GM, and a guy like Gerard Gallant. This could be the last week the last three games of this long regional nightmare that started 7/1/2015. And in memory of that we get to watch Panarin play for another team right in our face tonight