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Win A Trip To The Super Bowl With The Barstool $50K Big Game Qualifier


Do you like winning money? Do you like free trips to the the Super Bowl? Do you like partying with Victoria’s Secret models? Do you like El Pres?

Well 3 outta 4 aint bad, right? Thats all the stuff you can win with the Barstool Big Game Qualifier. The winner gets free flight and free hotel for you and a guest to the Super Bowl with the Barstool gang. Friday night you’re in a party bus with El Pres tearing up Arizona (AKA Pres gets pizza at like 11pm and wants to go back to the hotel to watch reruns of The Office.) Saturday night is a pretty decent upgrade where you get to go to the leather and laces Victorias Secret party. Late night Saturday I’m sure you end up at the club surrounded by some imported Super Bowl ladies of the night. And then Sunday you get two tickets to watch the Seahawks vs. Colts. So sign up now. Even if you dont win the Big Game Package there’s cash prizes from places 2 through 555.


Entry: $20
Total Prizes: $50K
Payouts below
1st: Barstool Big Game Package
2-555 – all get cash prizes.
23K in additional cash prizes, 2841 available seats.

· Airfare + 4 Nights Hotel for you and a guest (1/29-2/2)
· 2 Tickets to the “Big Game”
· Party Bus Friday Night with El Pres and the Barstool guys (1/30)
· 2 Tickets to the Victoria’s Secret “Leather and Laces” party on Saturday Night (1/31)
· $500 Spending Money