Some Jackass Tried To Rob A 77-Year-Old Man At The ATM, But This Old Fella Was Ready To Chuck Some Knucks And Kick Some Ass

Fuckin rights, bud. You come at the King, you best not miss. And holy shit did this would-be mugger miss big time. I mean that was the most pathetic showing I've ever seen in my life. Granted, if some old dude immediately starts throwing haymakers your way, you know its time to get out of there. You have no idea what he's seen or done in his life. You have no idea what wars he's fought in and how many people he's killed. If a 77-year-old dude starts tossing hands at you, it's a certified fact that he's way more of a bad ass than you'll ever be. So I get that this scumbag wanted zero parts of that fight. He's lucky enough to get out of there with his life, let alone trying to get out of there with any cash. 

But still. Nobody is worse at their job than this person is at mugging people. Like how much money do you think he's made in his career so far as a mugger? He's probably lost more money than he's been able to steal. This man has probably gone into debt after getting into the mugging business. He's better off trying to open up a restaurant or something like that. At least then he'd have some miraculous one-in-a-million chance of success. But as far as mugging goes? Not the line of work for my dude.