Top Orioles Prospect, And Number 4 Overall Prospect, Adley Rutschman Is Going To Be A Problem

Those people who own the property behind right field of the Orioles Spring Training facility better have Adley insurance, because they're going to need it. Adley Rutschman was the #1 overall pick out of Oregon State just a few months ago and he's already in big league camp. No, he won't make the team, and he won't even sniff the big leagues this year. It doesn't make sense to start his clock when the Orioles are only in year 2 of their rebuild. 2021 is his expected arrival date to Baltimore, and it'll be the most anticipated game in Baltimore in some time. He's already the #4 overall prospect in baseball, was called the best MLB prospect since Bryce Harper, and even had pre-draft comparisons to some guys named Johnny Bench and Buster Posey. 

The Orioles wanted Adley up with the big leaguers to begin learning the pitchers, what they like and what they don't like, and also to get him comfortable with that lifestyle. His floor is basically an all star catcher, his ceiling is the best catcher in baseball. Some scouts even said he'd be a top 10 catcher right now if he was in the bigs. He's that good. He took some BP earlier and was absolutely demolishing balls. The beat reporters for the Orioles were tweeting that he was coming dangerously close to hitting the houses being the field, not an easy feat at all. I know it's spring training videos and they don't count, but these glimpses are enough to get people fired up about the Orioles future. What's not to like about a guy who can smoke the ball from both sides of the plate with the kind of power he has. LISTEN TO THE SOUND OFF HIS BAT. 

So let me get this straight. He's hitting home runs right-handed and dropping to a knee like Adrian Beltre, he's hitting balls OVER the batters eye in center and threatening to shatter windows of neighboring houses from the left side of the plate. The Yankees better hope they win a couple of rings soon, because once Adley and all the other baby birds start heading north, it's over for y'all hoes.