John Daly Reinventing The Fashion Game Once Again With These SpongeBob Pants At The British Open

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pictures via CBS Sports

Yes.  This right here is exactly what makes John Daly one of our favorite athletes of all time.  All week you’re going to be hearing about the history of The Open Championship(or the British Open or whatever the fuck).  How it’s timeless and the course they’re playing at is a throwback to the old days and winds and deep bunkers and all that stuff.  You’ll hear bag pipes in the pre-game show and there will be camera shots of stone buildings and everything else Europe has to offer.  I love that stuff as much as the next guy.  I eat it up.  It’s awesome.  But while everybody is busy waxing and fawning over tradition and nostalgia here comes John mother fucking Daly in SpongeBob SquarePants pants to hit a few practice balls.  Doing it his way every step.  I hope to god he makes the cut this week.  Everything is simply better when he’s around.

The beauty of golf is rooting for multiple guys and story lines.  Tiger playing in a major is always a great story.  I’ll always root for Zach Johnson because we grew up in the same place.  And everyone should always be rooting for Daly because, well, because he’s the People’s Champ.