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Jeremy Giambi Looking Good! Feeling Great!

jeremy giambi

Jason Giambi Has DirecTV and Jeremy Giambi has Cable

I saw this floating around the web, but apparently Jason and Jeremy along with their coach got their high school numbers retired this week and this is what Jeremy looks like now. How does this even happen? I mean I get how Jeremy lets his body look like this, because I know how I let my body look the way it does now, but Jason couldn’t get him a suit? This just shows that Jason kept pumping in Performance Enhancing Drugs and Jeremy just started pumping in every other drug.

A few other thoughts:

- He looks like Danny Devito in Always Sunny.

-He looks like a guy who sprays out the shoes at a bowling alley and doesn’t even do a good job at that.

-He looks like a guy I bought a nitrous off us by the Port Authority a few months ago.

-He looks like Dobby from Harry Porter.

-Being on the wrong side of The Flip has its consequences.

-Congrats to Rex on getting the Bills job and his HS coaching number retired in the same week.

-I hope Cashman doesn’t see this picture and sign Jason.

PS: When I saw this picture I called my brother unprovoked just to check on him. Everyone should do the same.

KFC Editor’s Note: Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada should get charged with manslaughter for what they did to Jeremy Giambi. I know they didnt intend on it, but they killed a man that day. He’s on his feet but the lights arent on, nobody’s home. He’s been dead on the inside since 2001.