These Russian Dudes Need To Get Their Super Strong Caulks Outta My Face

Two weeks ago I mentioned that my Instagram experience was ruined. If you didn't read that blog, you'll need to catch up before you read here. 

Because my Instagram feed is destroyed, I get videos like this all the time. Usually, I don't let them bother me too much but this Russian caulk video is too damn much. Do the Russians have some things figured out? Sure. They are very good at knowing how to fight, drive really fast while having a dashboard cam, jumping from roofs into snowbanks, and they are unreal at climbing towers with selfie sticks. Construction, though? Get outta my face. Besides the St Basils Cathedral in St Petersberg, I can't think of a single Russian architecture concept that I'm in love with. The towers though. They are fucking beautiful. 

Look at that! Unfathomably beautiful. The way that the colors pop at night under the ambient moon is just incredible. If you don't like St Basils, you have a big ole Russian vodka-induced sloppy dumpy dump in your britches. Facts Only. Hard truths daily. 

That being said, back to the Instagram video that is ruining my life. There is simply no way this caulk works that well. Do you have any idea how heavy those bricks would be like that? Each rack has to weigh at least 20lbs. 80lbs on the wall PLUS a grown-ass Russian man standing on them like it ain't no thing? PLEASE. 


Russian men weigh more than normal men too. I know that for sure. They have thick-ass bones. That's why you can barely knock them out. Trust me. I've tried. In a training camp in Okinawa, I did a little scrapping with some Russian fellas that were there to train. They were very good. I caught one in the jaw square. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He shrugged it off like it was well,,, a shrug in weight lifting. It's because of the thick bones! There's nothing I could have done. I'd say every Russian has bones that is at least 40 percent thicker than other countries. Sounds crazy. But I think it's true. That's for another time though. 

There's nothing I can do now to convince you of my thick Russian bone theory. What I can do now, however, is use a little truth to power and call out BULLSHIT when I see it. This caulk is bullshit. There is no way this caulk is that strong. None. This isn't the only time they've tried to trick us, either.

Just over 44 weeks ago, this mysterious account tried to act like they built a wall with this caulk. No way. I'm not buying that either. 

I am sick of the American people getting tricked all over the place. If it's not politics, it's building materials. If it's not building materials, it's math. Building and math are hard especially when you have misinformation campaigns popping up left and right and right and left. 


There should be a code of honor when it comes to engineering techniques on Instagram. Sadly, there isn't. Yet. Currently, you can post anything you want and it's up for the consumer to know what is fake and what is real.

Now, that being said, going back to my regular routine of watching believable caulking videos is going to be very tough. There's no question about that. Look at this shit. Boring. 

We need to find a happy medium. That's all I'm saying. We need to be somewhere in the middle of shower caulking videos and thick boned Russian dudes jumping on bricks that are sticking to the wall like they are fucking weightless. Is that too much to ask?

Anyway. Just a quick lunchtime bonus blog for you. It's been a while. 

Oh. Before I left you go, I thought of another Russian architecture design I like. It's the Melnikov House in central Moscow.

Here we see an outside view of the Melnikov House, an early 20th-century building in the avant-garde style, consisting of two intersecting cylindrical towers with hexagonal windows, at Krivoarbatsky Pereulok Street in central Moscow. It was designed by architect Konstantin Melnikov as his own residence and art studio, the building was completed in 1929. Shocking to me that it slipped my mind earlier in the blog. For that, I apologize.