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Need A Way To Identify Your Luggage At The Airport? Boom, Luggage Guy Luggage Tags On Sale Now

So these were a no brainer. I was the Luggage Guy on The Bachelor so boom now we've got Luggage Guy luggage tags on sale. If you've ever been to an airport or plan on going to an airport in the future, you need a Luggage Guy luggage tag. No longer will you have to guess which black bag among the MILLIONS of black bags is yours. Instead you'll instantly see your Luggage Guy luggage tag and be on your way. The best part? They're only 5 bucks. We're talking 20 quarters. That's nothing. Feel free to buy a couple of them and put one on each piece of luggage you own. Actually what you should do is buy a couple Zillion Beers shirts or whatever else from the Barstool store then toss a couple Luggage Guy luggage tags on your order to hit $75 and get free shipping. Like I said, it's a no brainer.

Get a Luggage Guy shirt while you're at it