The Vodka Red Bull vs Red Bull Vodka Debate Has Officially Been Settled

There's been a ton of debate on the internet the last few days over the Vodka Red Bull vs Red Bull Vodka debate. I'm here to end it all so you're welcome. It's Vodka Red Bull. The abbreviation "RBV" IS acceptable but ONLY in abbreviated form. When ordering a drink at the bar you ALWAYS say the liquor first. You need to establish dominance with the liquor over the mixer. The liquor is the alpha and the mixer is the beta. I want my Vodka backing down my Red Bull in the post and dunking on it. I want my Vodka dragging it's big ole ballsack across the Red Bull's forehead and disrespectfully staring it down after. VODKA, RED BULL. That's it. That's the final answer. The Double Vodka Don has spoken. *drops mic*