Drake Bought A Ridiculous $620,000 Watch That Features A Working Roulette Wheel

I'm not a fancy watch guy. I feel my iPhone does just about everything about telling me the time that I need to know. Though the more I've read about extremely fancy, hand-crafted watches, the more I start to understand the appeal. And I gotta say, this roulette wheel watch, I fucking love it. It's so over the top extravagant, so unnecessarily gaudy, that I can't help but love it. And I guess I have great taste in watches because Drake picked one up for himself to the tune of a smooth $620,000.

I have not a clue how you glance down at that thing and tell what time it is, which in my opinion, is one of the main functions a watch should have. Just one man's opinion though. I also cannot tell what happens to the roulette ball- is it just bouncing around the watch the entire time? Seems less than convenient. And that's why I love it and can't call Drake an asshole for buying it. Growing up you think a watch has 2 main purposes: 1) To tell you the time, or 2) To tell you how fast you can run a lap around your house. But that's all wrong. A watch is apparently supposed to be as over the top and complicated as possible, and the harder to tell the time, the better. Example 2:

Not a time to be found on this thing. 

And here's the great thing about the roulette watch- with a casual $620,000 roulette wheel on his wrist, Drake is going to be out with his broskis and they are going to be gambling on his watch with him playing the part of the casino, so he's going to make that $600k back in no time. Brilliant.