College Hockey Player Writes A Letter To EliteProspects Asking Them To Delete His Profile So He Never Has To Look At His "Pathetic" Stats Again

The attribute that I respect the most in a human being is self-awareness. If you have an accurate view of yourself and can be self-deprecating you're OK in my book. 

So I respect the hell out of this extremely self-aware "completely mediocre" former college hockey player and his "brutal, terrible, pathetic" career. 

I think a lot of us can relate to this guy too. How many people reading (and writing) this would describe themselves as "the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of mediocre"? Absolutely perfect. May put that in my Twitter bio right after I publish this honestly. Just completely subpar, folks. 

And, big ups to Elite Prospects for respecting his wishes. Really hoping this isn't considered doxxing, but hockey reddit was able to find the profile — and it was changed just like he respectfully asked for.

Although now that he's going viral I think he would have preferred his first option of straight up deletion. But whatever. I like this message a lot better. Life is all about loving the boys and having the boys love you back.