Snow Day Blog: Mallory Edens (Daughter Of Bucks Owner) LOVES Them, Also Wants To Own The Knicks - I Support Both Statements

Who doesn't love snow days? That's what I started thinking about when I was mindlessly scrolling Instagram and saw Mallory Edens, friend of Mickstape and daughter of the Bucks owner, having a day. Now, granted, I gotta admit we celebrate snow days completely different ways. Me? Flannel pajama pants, a hoodie and trying to keep my kid from screaming. Mallory Edens? Bikini and 22,000+ likes on Instagram. She wins. 

I need more Mallory in my life. She's a star. I'm not talking just on Mickstape. I'm not talking just on Instagram. I need her to own the Knicks, like she wants to (via Elle)

During a 2017 interview with TMZ Sports, Mallory announced her plans to follow in her dad's footsteps—but not with the Bucks. "I want to buy the Knicks one day," she said. "I don't need to swap (teams), my dad can keep the Bucks."

First off get James Dolan the FUCK outta here. Give me Mallory. Imagine what sort of trolling she'd do as owner. We already saw her talking shit via t-shirts last year in the playoffs. 

She won the 2014 Lottery, now let her win the title with the Knicks. Fair is fair. 


Edens/Giannis 2021 to save the Knicks. Don't want it, need it.