It Took Just Two Weeks For Andre Drummond To Be Absolutely Disgusted With John Beilein

Andre Drummond has been a Cleveland Cavalier for 13 days. He's played in two games and so far has been the same old Drummond with 16.5/14.5/1.5 averages on 48% shooting. He's given them pretty much what they were expecting when they made the deadline deal for his services. With the Pistons afraid he would pick up his player option for next season, it made some sense for the Cavs to take a flier on him. He's by far the best talent they could hope to sign this summer if he indeed does pick up his option, and while they do have a logjam in the frontcourt at the moment, chances are that thins out this summer. 

What's impressive is it took him about 5 seconds to realize that John Beilein was not going to cut it. That whole situation is pretty weird considering Beilein is giving up his entire guaranteed deal. This just goes to show you what a shitshow the Cavs are right now, and honestly it starts at the top. I think they're paying like 3 or 4 coaches right now to NOT coach. Even if Beilein was on the ropes before Drummond got there, it's pretty clear they turned their key once Drummond made it known he would dip of Beilein was brought back. This news sort of contradicts the whole idea that Beilein was walking away on his own accord but I think we all knew that was bullshit from the start. 

Let's just think about this for a second. Do you think Andre Drummond is getting more than $29M on the open market this summer if he were to turn down his player option? No fucking chance. Teams with cap space don't really need a center, let alone a max money center. Him picking up that option is the lock of the century. Does this mean Drummond is going to be consulted on who the replacement is while not having to commit to them long term? Now he could certainly turn down his player option and sign an extension, but why do that when there should be way more options on the market in the summer of 2021. All those teams saving money for Giannis who don't get him are going to have to spend it somewhere. 

Also, no shit the Cavs situation is worse than Detroit. It's the Cavs! Outside of LeBron coming back and saving them, what have they shown that tells you they can be functional at any level? Guess what, whoever the new coach ends up being isn't going to change much. This is a talent issue, and an organizational issue. Not just a coaching issue. I just like to pretend the Cavs were on the fence about Beilein and then a guy who had been there for 5 seconds came in and told them it was either the coach or his player option and the team chose Drummond. While I agree that Beilein wasn't working and the players tuned him out, factoring in not having Andre Drummond on any level as a reason for parting ways with your coach when you already have Love/Thompson locked into deals is really fucking strange. Like go ahead, turn down the option and lose like $10M+ on the open market. I could understand if the Cavs didn't have any big men on their roster, but that couldn't be further from the truth.