One-Armed High School Kid With A MASSIVE Block At The Rim And Then Throws It DOWN After A Filthy Move

GOD DAMN! I've never watched a video faster than this. A one-armed kid absolutely throwing it down is impressive in its own right. But then I realized that in and out dribble was even filthier. He cuts on a quick dime and gets to the middle of the lane. This whole fucking play is ridiculous. He starts with the block at the rim. Out here looking like Rudy Gobert just protecting the paint and then diving into the stands to save the play. Without using hyperbole, all things considered this might be the greatest play ever made on a court. The dude is doing it with one hand. 

I went into this video thinking it was a little bit of a mercy thing. Like the dude checks in on Senior Night and throws it down with no one around. NOPE! This dude out here has me thinking he has to be Conference Player of the Year at minimum. After watching it for the 5th time and realizing every single play on the court was him making it, I don't rule out that he has offers from Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, etc. Might even have a shot at the league. 

Absolute filth on both sides of the ball.