Things Got Weird During Our Aaron Donald/DK Metcalf Interview

With Miami traffic deciding to be Miami traffic, schedule's eventually conflicted and it led to this: A combination of interviews between two NFC West Rivals. Aaron Donald of the Rams and DK Metcalf of the Seahawks joined today's Pardon My Take at the same time, and it went exactly how you would expect an impromptu double dipper between two guys who don't really know each other too well would go. Let's start with another wild card factor: Brandon Walker, who as you may know, is a Mississippi State lifer, chimed in to ask Metcalf a question:

Mr. Cat: We have a guest question we want to do, so Brandon, come over here. Why don't you sit over there right next to DK. 

DK Metcalf: He was eyeing me when I walked in. I figured you had something up your sleeve. 

Mr. Cat: So, Brandon is going to ask a guest question. Brandon Walker, for those who don't know, go ahead.

Brandon Walker: Hi DK, big fan. So, you played at morally bankrupt Ole Miss in college. Can you make a comment on the fact that you guys had a losing record to arch rival Mississippi State while you were there?

DK Metcalf: The games I played in?

Brandon Walker: You were 1-2.

Mr. Cat: I don't know if you can tell, but Brandon Walker is from West Point, Mississippi.

DK Metcalf: Ewwww.

Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter: Hahahaha.

Next, we have the topic of potential NFL Draft busts. Mr. Cat asked Aaron Donald a question he knew the answer to the whole time:

Mr. Cat: We were talking, Aaron, before you got here, people were saying DK was going to be a draft bust. Did you have anyone who came out and said something negative about you when you were... like anything you have as a chip on your shoulder?

Aaron Donald: I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure there was. A lot of people considered me undersized for my position, so there were a lot of doubters that think I'm not going to have success in the league, but you just go out there, you play ball.

Mr. Cat: I actually have one right here: "Aaron Donald, have fun trying to be good at football with a pussy name like Aaron, BUST."

Aaron Donald: Who said that?

Mr. Cat: Me. 

(Everybody starts cracking up)

And finally, an awkward/hilarious/great chain of events leading up to last year's NFL combine:

Mr. Cat: Was it weird when Pete Carroll took his shirt off with you in the combine interview?

DK Metcalf: Yeah, it was weird. 

Mr. Cat: Can you explain that story, like how did it go down?

DK Metcalf: They had a scout that was my group leader and he was like, "When you come to our meeting, take your shirt off." I was like, "Na, I can't do that, bro." He was like, "Yeah, do it, he'll be fired up about it." So I was like, "Alright, I'll do it." So, I walked in with my shirt off and he took his shirt off and we're two shirtless men...

Mr. Cat: Just hanging out. 

Mr. Commenter: Just guys being dudes. 

Mr. Cat: You want to take your our shirts off right now?

Mr. Commenter: Let's all take our shirts off?

Mr. Cat: I'll take my shirt off. You don't want to see this, too much man?

Mr. Commenter: I'll get started with it. You always have to have one guy that starts the party. 

Mr. Cat: My nipples, by the way, are very large. Don't look. You looked right at my chest there, DK. 

Mr. Commenter: I've got four nipples. 

Mr. Cat: Alright, go ahead, take your shirts off. 

DK Metcalf: Y'all are 35. Chill out. Put your shirts back on. 

Mr. Cat: Yeah, that was kind of awkward.


All in all, this ended up being a unique but great interview. Nobody really knew how it would turn out, but that's what make this fun. Questions all over the place, random interactions, and more.