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Minor League Basketball Mascot For The Rochester Razorbacks Arrested For Soliciting A Prostitute


RochesterA police sting in Gates netted a shark — a Rochester RazorSharks mascot, that is, who is now accused of soliciting a prostitute. Derrick A. Bradley, the mascot for the minor-league basketball team, was among six men arrested in a sting in which Gates police used an undercover female officer who posed as a prostitute. Dr. Sev Hrywnak, the team owner, said Monday that the team learned of Bradley’s arrest and is no longer using him as a mascot. A 30-year-old resident of Holley, Orleans County, Bradley is also known as “Dancing Derrick” for his street-corner dancing in local communities. Bradley and five others were arrested in the sting and charged with third-degree patronizing a prostitute, a misdemeanor. Arrested were three Rochester men, Dawan A. Alghazali, 29, Robert L. Welker, 39, and Yihun Melaku, 33, along with Edgar E. Rivera Jr., 35, of Webster, and Mitchell A. Brody, 48, of Hatboro, Pennsylvania. All were released and ordered to appear in court Feb. 3, except for Alghazali, who has an outstanding warrant with the Rochester police, according to a news release from the Gates police. A sting using a male Gates officer on Wednesday led to two arrests for prostitution: Damon B. Halmond, 30, of Rochester, and Diana L. Arocho, 19, of Rochester. Bradley, the now-former RazorSharks mascot, was not on the team payroll, Hrywnak said. Instead, he was hired on a game-by-game basis, dressing as a shark and entertaining crowds. Hrywnak said the team is now looking for a new mascot.

I know rules are rules. I know laws are laws. We cant start making exceptions for people and giving out free passes on a case by case basis. But if there was ever a dude that deserves to be let off with a warning, its Dancing Derek, the Rochester RazorSharks minor league basketball mascot trying to pay for sex. I mean have mercy on the guy’s soul. Hes a fucking minor league basketball shark. I didnt even know minor league hoops was a real thing. Whats that, like one notch below Slam Ball? Of course that dude is paying for hookers. No way he fucks without paying for it unless there are some RazorSharks groupies out there but I guarantee he’s already run through all of them.

Again not trying to play favorites but sometimes you gotta look at the circumstances and just be pumped this guy isnt going on a murder/suicide rampage. Him just banging some whores is a win all things considered.