Britney Spears Sister Waving A Knife Around Trying To Break Up A Brawl At A Sandwich Shop

Love it. Doesnt get more white trash than this. Mid day brawl at a Loo-seeana sandwich shop and here comes trailer park royalty Jamie Lynn Spears waving a knife around regulating up in that bitch. She just marched right behind that counter, grabbed that knife and I think if it wasnt for the Subway Sandwich Artist getting in her way, she would have cut somebody. And does she throw it at the end? Or did she just put it down? Kinda looks like she threw it. Just like “Here, hold my 6 year old daughter that I had when I was 14 years old, I’ve gotta go stab some motherfuckers disturbing my 5 dollar footlong meal.” I bet Britney was out front sitting in the drivers seat of a pickup truck wearing no underwear ready to be the getaway driver in case Jamie Lynn had to cut a bitch.

Bottom line is Britney Spears is probably worth like $300 million and her sister is still milling around in the Bayou trying to get in knife fights. Awesome.