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Plane Banner Calling For DeBlasio's Resignation Flying Around Manhattan

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GothamistIf we’ve learned anything from Arrested Development, it is that a banner can indeed contain the contents of your heart. And for the third time in the past month, a group of retired NYPD officers have let a banner do the talking for them: an anti-Mayor de Blasio group is flying a banner over the Hudson River today reading, “DeBlasio Get Off The Pot. Resign. We ?? NYPD.” The same group that took credit for the last two banners—one read, “De Blasio, Our Backs Have Turned to You,” the other,“De Blasio Apologize To The NYPD!!”—has taken credit for today’s stunt. The group, who now call themselves Retired NYPD For A Safe New York, claims to be made up of “several thousand retired New York City Police Officers who have joined together to actively support the brave men and women of the New York City Police Department in today’s anti-police climate.” The “get off the pot” declaration is a not-so-veiled reference to wholly unsubstantiated rumors,spread by police, that de Blasio and wife Chirlane McCray regularly smoke marijuana. Asked about his alleged marijuana use last week, the Mayor told reporters that he had not smoked grass since he was a student at NYU.

Can we put a fucking end to these lame ass plane banners? Christ almighty its the worst trend to hit New York since waiting on line for 3 hours in the rain for croissant donuts. These banners arent even clever. Just long winded dumb ass threats and demands that dont do anything. I’m waiting for one that’s like “Hey Mayor DeBlasio you’re a bad mayor and we support the NYPD and if we’re choosing between you two, we pick the police so resign! Also stop smoking weed!” Gonna be like a 2000 foot banner dangling from a little prop plane. I cant stand DeBlasio but the only thing worse than that are these losers who think they’re making waves with their plane banners. Cant wait for this trend to end.

PS – If I’m a plane banner advertiser or whatever the fuck its called I’m tripling my rates right now. You’ll no doubt find some loser protester with an ax to grind against one of the politicians/teams/celebrities in this town willing to pay for it.