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KG Ejected For Headbutting Dwight Howard

Sad to see KG playing out his final days in Brooklyn like this. Guy was one of the all time greats and now he’s just limping to the finish line on an awful Nets team throwing his classic Garnett Temper Tantrums. All those KG antics are one thing when you’re putting up like 25, 14, 5 and a few blocks per game. Its another thing when you’re a shell of your former self pushing 40. Ironic though that the guy on the other end of this skirmish is probably the only guy in the NBA who’s a bigger drama queen. I wish he had given Dwight a real head butt and thrown a real punch but we all know thats not KG’s style. Throw the ball at him, nudge him a little and then its instant “Let me at him! Let me at him!” while getting held back. King of the NBA “fights”