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Claude Giroux Would Absolutely Ruin Your Life In A Game Of Knee Hockey

Picture this: you're 10 years old. You're over at your buddies house and his mom just picked up a 30 rack of Mountain Dew Code Red earlier that afternoon. You just chugged like 8 of them back-to-back in the basement. No rules. American Pie (unedited version) is coming on in a couple hours so you need to pass the time. You break out the mini sticks and decide to play a few games of knee hockey. All of a sudden you hear a knock at the door. You figured it was the pizza delivery guy except the only issue is you guys prank called the pizza shop and told them to deliver 5 large Hawaiian pizzas to some random house in the neighborhood. Dick move? For sure. But you're young and it's not like the stoner delivery guy isn't just going to eat them anyway. But now you don't know who it is at the door. So your buddy walks upstairs to answer the door and it's Claude Giroux. He has his own mini stick with him. And from there, he proceeds to unleash barrels and barrels and barrels of sauce all over your buddy's basement. 

From his knees, adds just a touch of bolognese over the stick of Harrington to Konecny on the doorstep, TK with the cross-crease dish over to Voracek and Elvis didn't even get a chance to pull that puck out of the back of the net himself because it came rifling right back out. Thing of beauty right there and now Claude Giroux is the Flyers all-time powerplay assists leader. I know that's not necessarily one of those records that actually means anything around the league but it just goes to show the rest of the league is out of their damn mind for almost forgetting he is a top tier player. Am I saying he's a top 5 player in the league? No. But does he at least belong in the conversation that consistently overlooks him when discussing the best players in the league? Abso-fucking-lutely. 

But the more I think about it, the more I think this fits the Flyers better. I always think that the under-the-radar Flyers are the best versions of the Flyers. The less that people are talking about this team, the better. They've been on a goddamn tear since getting home from that New Years road trip AND they still get to add Nolan Patrick to the lineup at some point. Let this team stay under the radar and shock everyone once the playoffs roll around. I'd much rather see that than have to listen to the guys on the radio talk about them. 

The Other Guys: 

- The Flyers got a ton of puck luck last night but that's a good thing. The way this team operated with Hakstol behind the bench, it seemed like the bounces almost never went their way. But when you play the right way and you do the right things, the pucks finally start to reward you. So did Sean Couturier mean to pull the Kucherov here? 

Probably not. Doesn't change the fact it was still filthy. And that's the type of reward the puck gives you when you're out there playing hard dick hockey. Same way as The Best One catching this bounce off of Elvis. 

What's the saying again--you have to be good to get lucky? Well what about if you're the best? 

- If the Flyers don't start using this as their goal song, then we need to legitimately riot. This track has enough heat that you won't need to pay PECO for the next 5 winters. 

- Heyhowyadoin.