They Said Kentucky Couldn't Shoot. They Said Kentucky Was An Underdog. Yet Kentucky Continues To Prove You're A Moron For Doubting Them

Imagine thinking that this team would go and lose at LSU ... in basketball!?! Impossible. Everyone loves writing Kentucky off. Everyone loves talking about how they are struggling while all they do is continue to rack up wins. I mean, sure, it is a shame that the down year for Kentucky is being 21-5, leading the SEC and top-10 in the country. Down years stink. THEY STINK. 

Except down years for Kentucky is still being better than your team. Go to LSU and control that game. Let's not forget that Kentucky played the last 7 minutes+ without its starting point guard because Ashton Hagans suffered a thigh contusion that kept him out. All that happened was the other 2 All-SEC guards made plays to seal the game. 

Immanuel Quickley has turned into not only the most important player on Kentucky, but one of the most important players in the country. All he did was go for 21, 6 assists and 3 steals. The dude is the most clutch player in America. 

Make your jokes now about Evansville or Utah or South Carolina, the fact is every March Cal has these guys rolling. Every time we head to March every fan base gets pissed when they see Kentucky in their bracket. LSU was one of the top-3 teams in the SEC and Kentucky just eliminated them from the SEC regular season title. This team is figuring shit out, as long as Hagans isn't seriously hurt. 

5 games left, 3 at home. Time to finish off this regular season title and get ready for banner 9. 

PS: This seems pretty, pretty good