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KFC Radio: Episode 100 Now Available For Premium Members

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Well, that was a doozy. I really didnt know what to expect on Saturday. Had no idea what to prepare for turnout wise. Definitely didnt expect a line out the door and around the corner at like 1:30pm. Pretty incredible stuff. I guess it just goes to show you dont have to overcomplicate things. Shoot the shit with a couple buddies about sports, chicks, and dumb hypotheticals and you can put out a hundred episodes, grab a couple million downloads, and pack a bar with about 350 people.

Big shout out to everyone who came out to Saloon. I’d say overall the day was a huge success. I dont know how well people in the crowd could hear, but once things got going I dont think it even mattered. Originally I had planned having some tables set up and almost make it like a comedy club vibe, but thats before I realized we were gonna have a line of people like that. Once I saw that many people and knew everyone was in day drinking/football mode, it was a free for all.  Like Mike Tyson said, everyone has a plan until they are in a crowded, crazy bar with booze just flowing. Definitely learned a lot of things for next time. Or maybe we just do it exactly like that again and keep the party rolling. Either way be on the lookout for more live episodes of MailTime and KFC Radio. Now that we know all you idiots out there are down to come out and watch in person and get bombed with us, I’ll certainly be doing more.

Thanks to all the guys that traveled in – Big Cat for coming all the way in from Chicago, Feits, Hank, and Louis for coming all the way down from Boston. Thanks to JJ for opening up for us and of course Super Producer BC who just plugged in a bunch of cords and hoped for the best and somehow pulled this shit off.

This week’s episode was all about fucking albinos, fucking midgets, fucking albino midgets, your buddy banging your ex girlfriend, getting shit-your-pants-drunk, trying to make chicks cum, voodoo dolls and a whole bunch more. Will be up on iTunes later this week. Here’s to a hundred more episodes.