Great News! Alex Bregman's Favorite Unwritten Baseball Rule Is When A Player Gets Thrown At On Purpose For Doing Something Stupid

(Shoutout to @willbenson24 on Twitter for digging this one up)

There's no better feeling in the world than getting what you want. Alex Bregman happens to love when a baseball player gets thrown at after they've been an asshole on the field. The game policing itself is something that puts on a smile on the Astros third baseman's face. In fact, it's his favorite unwritten baseball rule! 

Now hypothetically if a baseball team was caught cheating red handed over the last three seasons and directly won a World Series title from said cheating I'm sure Bregman would have no problem seeing those players get thrown at over and over again. It's just part of the game and Bregman can appreciate that. We're just talking in hypotheticals folks. No team would ever do th....

Better get some hockey pads, Alex! Happy hunting baseball season! 

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