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Kevin Durant Looks Well On His Way To Being Back To His Old Self

Here's the thing about me. I can't get enough of these rehab videos. Call me crazy but personally I think it is rather unfortunate when we see some of the NBA's best players suffer major injuries that robs everyone of being able to participate in a season. So when videos comes out of any sort of positive progress it's an automatic watch for me. You know the game. You know shit is only hitting social media if it looks good, and my oh my does Kevin Durant look good. I won't pretend to know what he should look like at this point in his recovery and what this means for his timetable, but I know Kevin Durant when I see Kevin Durant and that was Kevin Durant. If the biggest question surrounding Durant's return is if he can look like his same old self, you have to admit that was encouraging footage. Of course going from here to an NBA game is a fairly large jump, but I can't sit here and tell you watching that video didn't get me excited for Durant's return. 

And spare me the whole "anyone can shoot like that with no defense" nonsense. OK hardo. The point isn't that he made the shots, it's that he's starting to show real movement and trust in his achilles while getting back to basketball activities. No shit Kevin fucking Durant is going to make every open shot he takes. 

I remember what it was like to see Hayward's rehab videos. It fuels you. Nets fans need this right now because their season is kind of a disaster at the moment. Kyrie has played only 20 or so games and is now out indefinitely with a shoulder thing, and they are destined for the 7/8 seed which isn't exactly where you want to be. Any sort of positive Durant footage to distract them from all that is a good thing.