The Illini Are Back Again, Alright!

Idk why I just can't stop thinking about me being like 


And then all you guys (in harmony) are like 


And then we repeat that enough times for me to be like 

The Illini Are Back ALRIGHT

But instead of wearing a Derrick Brooks jersey like Nick Carter in the above video, I'm wearing my bike helmet and vintage Illinois jersey. 

That's how I'm picturing this in my head right now, and I tell you that at the risk of sounding like a crazy person. God would that suck. 

Listen the point is I'm all jacked up over the Fighting Illini beating #9 Penn State on the road tonight. Even if I'll never be intimidated by Penn State on the basketball court. Even if the Illini are unstoppable when Ayo is healthy. Even if tonight's broadcast was the most spectacular behind the scenes college basketball production known to mankind. 

Even if all that's true, you can't deny how jacked up Illini Nation is right now. Not when we got 2 hours of all gas, no (commercial) breaks. Didn't even stop for the halftime pump up

And while we talk strategy with coach, credit to Ayo for coming back to stop the 4-game losing streak that had most of us quietly stressing out for the last week. It's amazing how much space he can create in the paint. Like you know it's coming and he still gets a clear look at the rack (something my dad would say)


Overall just a hell of a win for a program that needs to be in the top 25. And while I could sit here and applaud the players or share more videos, I'll pivot and spend some time on Underwood. 

Illinois held Penn State to 56 points at home while riding an 8-game win streak that saw them average 79 points/game. Obviously amazing but it shouldn't surprise anyone that listens to Red Line Radio. And while that comes off as arrogant I'm being serious. Coach Underwood was on the podcast last week and went in depth about his focus on Big Ten road defense. I wish I was joking because that would mean I'm extremely creative but no bullshit we really chopped it up about his philosophy to a successful season. The fact we get to see it play out in the biggest win of the season is pretty cool. You can listen here.