Alison Williams Gets Her Salad Tossed On Last Night's Episode Of Girls



Gawker - Vulture has a big piece on this scene, which includes this reaction from Allison Williams’s dad, Brian Williams:

She’s always been an actress. For us, watching her is the family occupation and everybody has to remember it’s acting, no animals were harmed during the filming, and ideally nobody gets hurt.

And here’s how Allison described the making of this scene to Entertainment Weekly:

I had a couple of days talking to wardrobe and makeup to get ready to rig the thing that I wore for the ass motorboating. It was an engineering achievement! I would manufacture it if more than one person a year needed it. [Laughs] It was so elaborate—it involved Spanx that we cut away and glued down and involved menstrual pads and two of those weird thongs. I’ve had to do scenes like this twice now.

Listen Allison Williams can talk until she’s blue in the face about special custom fit Spanx and weird underwear from wardrobe that protected her during these scene, but that dude’s face is smushed all up in her asshole. End of story. Her cheeks are jiggling, half his head has disappeared. That dude wasn’t eating her ass…her ass was eating that dude.

And Brian Williams can talk until he is fucking dark purple in the face about how shes an actress and everyone needs to remember its not real, but we all know its absolutely SOUL CRUSHING to have your daughter’s asshole get eaten on Sunday night television. She could have been an actress on like any other show on TV. Literally any other show and you probably wouldnt have to worry. But Allison Williams ends up starring in the sexually liberated “Girls” and so now she gets her salad tossed. I mean if you’re Brian Williams you might as well convince your daughter to do a real sex tape, no? At least get in on some of that Kardashian money after the fact. We’ve basically already seen her asshole get devoured and since its just in the name of “acting” its really not a big deal. Might as well just suck some dick for real and cash in on all the fame and money that comes with being a sex tape girl.

The absolute worst part for Brian Williams is knowing that Allison Williams has gotten her ass eaten in real life. Like any father of any actress has the awkward realization that when she’s simulating sex and faking orgasms that means she has a lot of practice in real life actually getting fucked. Thats gotta be awkward but its part of life. “My daughter has sex.” But when she’s bent over, cakes wiggling, reaching back with her hand, pushing that dude’s face into her ass, you can rest assured your daughter has had her butt licked plenty in real life. She was a natural when it came to getting her salad tossed. THAT, my friends, is a shitty realization.

PS – That dude has the best job on the planet