Introducing The Worlds Tallest Basketball Player


Yahoo - Meet Tacko “Taco” Fall. He’s somewhere between 7-foot-4 and 7-5, wears a size 22 shoe and has an 8-foot wingspan. And he’s believed to be the tallest prep basketball player in the U.S., if not the world. “Everywhere I go, people are going to be scared, because they say I’m 7-4,” Fall told the Sentinel. “But if I don’t play like a big man, they may not be scared of me. They’re going to say, ‘This guy is soft.’ So, I have to play like a big man, be aggressive on the post, ask for the ball and work on my hook shot.” Averaging 11.1 points, 5.0 rebounds and 1.3 blocks for the Lions (11-15) this winter. Fall recorded just one double-double despite standing a half-foot taller than the next-tallest prep baller, fellow Senegalese junior Jean Marc Koumadje of nearby Montverde Academy.

1.3 blocks per game? Wait what? So that highlight tape pretty much showed every block he had all season? Seriously how is that possible? I don’t care if he came from Sengal or the moon if you’re that tall you should have at least 10 blocks a game in high school.  Where is Kevin Bacon when you need him?  I mean I respect the hell out of him for wearing goggles but spare me the lecture about how this kid is a legit prospect. 11.1 points/5 rebounds and 1.3 blocks a game are ashtray stats.

PS – I can’t imagine there is anything worse in life than being super tall and shitty at sports. It’s the absolute worst. Everyday of your life you know people are looking at you thinking what a waste of space you are. How if they had your height they’d be a pro athlete. At least I know I thought that everyday I saw Tall Guy at the office. Just pure disgust he didn’t at least play college basketball.