I Just Landed In Costa Rica And I May Die Of Alcohol Poisoning

In case you missed it, NYCFC was gracious enough to invite me along with them to Costa Rica for the first round of the CONCACAF Champions League. After flying down to Florida for the first time in my life, we (me and John, my cameraman for this trip) got on the team plane and shot on down to the Pura Vida nation. What is it like watching and being part of a professional sports team plane-boarding? Well, in a word, it fucking rocks. 

Tonight we are heading out on the town to see what San Jose has to offer, and tomorrow we have a bunch of stuff on the docket. A team practice, a press conference, a Volcano, some player and fan interviews etc. Oh, wait, sorry, did I glaze over the volcano? My bad. 

I am also going to do my best to consume the maximum level of Imperials (Pronounced Imperial) one of these nights, hopefully with the City fans in attendance. Thursday we have the big game, NYCFC vs San Carlos. We have exclusive access and will be shooting anywhere and everywhere we are allowed. We may get death stares from fans, or maybe even get stabbed. But that’s just good content baby. Make sure to follow Sams Army on instagram, where I'll be posting a bunch of live updates. 

By the way, did I ever mention how much I fucking hate flying 

But boy is it worth it