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Update On The NYPD Fundraiser And Where We're Trying To Donate



So we finished at $104,000 raised for Officers Ramos and Liu. An incredible job by Stoolies and people who support the NYPD everywhere. Now we’re ready to make the donation. I’ve been calling around and finally spoke to someone today at the NYC Charities Foundation. Long story short they said the NYPD doesnt have a specific fund set up for the families of the fallen officers. They recommended two choices:

1) Donate to the police department’s Heroes Foundation, which is just their general fund to help families of fallen officers. An admirable foundation, no doubt, but its not as specific as we would have liked.

2) Donate to the Daily News Ramos-Liu fund. According to the Daily News, this would go directly to the families and 100% of proceeds are being donated. I suppose there’s no real reason to question the Daily News but since we’re donating a large sum of money we want to make sure its all legit and theres nothing fishy.

Those are our two options unless someone knows of any other funds or any other way to donate the money. We dont have the families’ exact contact information. And to be honest I’m not even sure how the tax implications work if you just cut a check directly to an individual. The last thing we want is for the $104,000 to get cut down by taxes. So if anybody has any other ideas or connections or works in the NYPD etc etc reach out. Email me Otherwise I’m leaning towards just trusting the Daily News since they are giving directly to the families.