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Dude Smoking A Joint On The 4 Train Like Its No Big Deal

How about Teck from the Real World here just sparking a joint on the 4 train like its no big deal? The very definition of not giving a fuck. And really, when you think about it, what is the big deal? Like so much worse shit goes on in the New York City subway that someone smoking weed shouldnt even register as an issue. I mean what is the dude filming even talking about? “Yooo thats so disrespectful!” THATS disrespectful? This is where we’re gonna draw the line on subway behavior and etiquette? Not the bums that use the trains as a toilet or the hookers who blow guys. Not the sassy black chick violence or the perverts that grope people on crowded cars? Guy who smokes a joint is gonna be the big shocker.

Probably did the whole car a favor. Masked the smell of the vomit and piss. Maybe gave everyone a little contact high. Made that train ride a little bit more enjoyable. Plus its every man for himself when you’re down there and you gotta do what you gotta do to maintain your sanity down there. The Showtime dancers, mariachi band AND Asian DVD woman could have all showed up on his car and he wouldnt have given a fuck. Thats just the life you lead when its 2015 and you still are rocking the Wesley Snipes Demolition Man look.

Thanks to Travis for the video