Skip Bayless Absolutely Nailed His John Wall and Bradley Beal Predictions


Seriously, has Skip Bayless ever been right about anything in his life? All he does is make predictions, and fail miserably with each and every single one. Yes, I know his job is to troll and say the unpopular opinion, but the above weren’t trolling tweets, they were actual basketball predictions. Skip gonna Skip, world wide leader gonna world wide leader.

Will he be held accountable for saying John Wall isn’t a pure point guard or that Austin fucking Rivers is more likely to be a star than Bradley Beal? Of course not. Will he make outrageous “predictions” each and every day, shoot with about 5% accuracy on them, and continue having a job? Absolutely.


At least Skip was right one time before:



h/t Brian

PS: Hey Skip, do busts get SHIRTS?! Didn’t think so! Bullets fever bitch!