Guy Turns Train Into A Karaoke Bar And Sings Rihanna Songs At The Top Of His Lungs


A train ride and a free show?  Sign me up!  Sing on your train commute like nobody’s watching/just trying to get through the worst part of their day.  That’s how you live life to the fullest.  He fucking nailed every note of that Rihanna song too.  I swear at some parts I closed my eyes and thought it was actually Rihanna singing on that train and not some guy with a flat top and stunner shades.  Here’s something you would’ve guess.  Riding a train or subway to work isn’t near as common in Iowa like it is in big cities.  People here simply drive their cars to work or walk or take the bus.  We have no use for trains.  So my question is this, does this happen often?  People rocking headphones just unknowingly belting out songs while everybody wants them to shut the hell up but won’t say anything?  Because when I watch that video I get wildly uncomfortable.  I feel like in big cities this is par for the course and maybe even mild considering some of the subway videos we post.  But if this is common, man that sucks.  I have trouble being around people when they’re quiet.


This guy stole the how in the video.  He’s about two seconds from laughing so hard he pukes.

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