This Dude Got Kicked So Hard He Went Flying Outta The Ring At 1000mph!

Holy FUCK! Have a nice trip! See ya next fall! 

Dude got kicked so hard in the face that his BODY went flying outta the ring! 

He looked like The Comedian gettin thrown outta his skyrise apartment in Watchmen!

I don't even know what the play is if you're that guy and you're NOT knocked out by that kick. Do you even try to maneuver your way back into the ring in attempt to try to answer the ref's count? I think I'd just slink my way outta there and never step foot inside a ring again. That's just me though.

There's nothing like seeing one of these fan recorded muay-thai videos pop up on your feed in my eyes. They all look like they're filmed in the exact same place and they're all fucking outrageous a thousand percent of the time...

I love it.

Shoutout to Donnie for this classic...