Former College Goalie Asks Website To Take Down His Horrible Stats In Hilarious Email

If you play hockey or are involved in the hockey world, you know what Elite Prospects is. It's a hockey website that has stats on basically every player who has played the game of hockey above the high school level. Elite Prospects is great for when you are at a bar and someone is talking about how great they were in college or juniors and a simple Elite Prospects search will tell you they played all of six minutes throughout their four year college career or they in fact weren't an OHL all-star. 

It also sucks in some cases, like if you are a goalie who got lit up in the ACHA for four straight years, smoking a face joint before every game while playing a period and a half of terrible hockey. Those are stats you probably don't want posted for the internet to see. So one man took a stand. 

How can you not respect this email? Buddy is sick of the boys telling every new girl he talks to to check out his GAA on And you know what? Elite Prospects should have a locker room stat. Just a simple 'was he loved in the room?' Yes or No. We can call it LITR. And that will tell you everything you need to know about a guy.