Actress Constance Wu Worked Undercover As A Stripper To Prepare For J Lo's Movie "Hustlers" And Made 600 Bucks A Night "Giving Lap Dances To Strangers"

PAGE SIXConstance Wu really got down to the bare essentials for this role.

The actress said in an interview Monday that she spent time working in a strip club in preparation for the movie “Hustlers” — and even made $600 in one night.

“I went undercover. I gave lap dances to strangers,” Wu told Kelly Clarkson on her NBC talk show.

When you think method acting, you think Daniel Day-Lewis. He's the king of it, by far the most well-known method actor. And it's served him pretty well. He's a movie icon with a shit ton of awards and plaques and trophies under his belt. But that shit was a grinnndddddd. It's why he had to retire at a relatively young 60 after Phantom Thread. And what did he get to do? Learn Czech and spend months in a wheelchair? Spend two nights in jail? Build a fucking canoe with his bare hands?

As fun as that sounds, Constance Wu just brought the acting world into the NEW SCHOOL of Method:

Shaking your ass on stage for a cool 600 bucks a night.

Now THAT is how you get into a role. She put on fake tattoos and fake hair, she even built a stripper pole into her living room. The empowerment and cold hard cash sure beats the hell out of crawling inside a fucking dead bear or whatever Leo did. 

Might not come with the awards those dudes got but I'm sure her husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner will love some of the new things she picked up.