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Here Is Your Yearly List Of Nobodies Getting Hall Of Fame Votes Because Baseball Writers Are Assholes

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 2.26.55 PM


What a day to be Darin Erstad, Flash Gordon and Troy Percival. Gotta say Everyday Eddie and my man Cliff Floyd getting the goose egg hurts, but I’m happy for those guys who got a couple votes. You could honestly make the argument that those guys are more excited about the news of getting 1 or 2 votes than Pedro and Randy were about getting in. I mean those guys knew they were an absolute LOCK. Going to Cooperstown for them is nothing more than a formality. But Darin Erstad woke up today just another retired nobody and he gets to learn that theres one guy out there – albeit a huge asshole – who thinks he was a Hall of Fame baseball player. He’s walking around with like a 6 inch dick today. Ordinarily an average 5 incher but bumped up to 6, feeling like the cock of the walk on cloud 9 because he got a vote.

Seriously though baseball writers are the worst group of people on earth.