Is This A Picture Of A Red Bull Vodka Or A Vodka Red Bull?

We were talking vodka mixers on radio today because Eddie said he's running into a wall. Soda water makes his head ache. Doesn't want all the sugar from a Sprite. Cranberry can be overwhelming. Water is too dull while on the other end of the spectrum is RBV. We all agree it's a big challenge. We talk substitutions and agree that RBV is a lifestyle. We move on.  

But then I start getting lit up. 

Carl I agree that RBV is a lifestyle as much as a cocktail, but you're saying it wrong.

I got smoked last time we brought this up with PAPER SCISSORS ROCK

I'm in the 5% with every other sane person from the South and North sides of Chicago. 

But now this time I'm getting it all over again with Red Bull Vodka vs. Vodka Red Bull. You guys can be such nomenclature hardos around here when you want. As if I'm giving you shitty investment advice with one hand while holding my dick in the other. It's just the name of a cocktail guys. Ain't nothing we can't handle with a twitter poll: 

The results are starting to narrow. It's not the run away fight you guys planned on and for that reason I'm opening this up for full debate in consideration of some notable takes: 


Ultimately I think it's a switch hitter but it prefers the leftside because it just looks and sounds sweeter. 

Red Bull Vodka final answer.