Gun Girl Is Crying After Having "Where's Your Diaper?" and "Shit Your Pants!" Chanted At Her (Because She Shit Her Pants)

I'm conflicted. On one hand if all chose to ignore Gun Girl she would disappear. When she shows up to campuses if nobody paid attention, nobody protested, nobody stopped for her really lame interviews, if we all just treated her like a leper, we would be way better off. 

On the other hand though...if we can get 5,000 people chanting "WHERE'S YOUR DIAPER?!" at her in unison, well, then we gotta do it. Oh, and "SHIT YOUR PANTS" is a strong one too.

Not much brings the world together. Hating Nazis. Loving pizza. #ZillionBeers. And absolutely despising Gun Girl. I don't even think the people on her side, the wackos that she would usually align with, like her. She brings a bad name to their side of the aisle. And that goes for both sides, obviously. Anyone who leans so far one way politically, to the point it comes off as a cartoon, is a remoron. And that's why she's the nut worst. Whenever she takes videos and does those man on the street interviews people answer rationally and she gets put in a pretzel every single time. 

Which brings us to having a million people chanting "WHERE'S YOUR DIAPER?" at her. It's so perfect because she's one of those people who runs around calling everyone a snowflake, and then she immediately turns around and absolutely cries nonstop about people picking on her. I just scrolled her Twitter and it made me irrationally mad how much of a whiney little baby she is. She shows up begging for attention, gets the attention she knows she's going to get, and then cries about it. I despise her so much.

Which brings me back to my first point. We just gotta ignore her. She goes to campuses knowing she's going to start a riot and a counter protest, and she'll make it into a huge thing about how the libs are intolerant and harassing her and cry for hours upon hours and cry for…federal funding to be pulled?

So I think the move is to completely ignore her. She's getting exactly what she wants. I guess I'm a hypocrite for blogging about her, but that's the Catch-22 I'm living with, I can't ignore students chanting about how she shit her pants at Kent State, but when I blog about that I start typing words and end up blogging about her, thus letting her win. So I'll try to ignore her existence from here on out. No promises, because I mean, we still need to remind people about how she pooped her pants. But I'll try.