The National Media LOVES Making up Drama about Embiid and Simmons, So Obviously No One Will Talk About this Clip

Every. Single. Day. Max Kellerman, Stephen A Smith, Chris Broussard, Shaq, or Charles Barkley are talking about the relationship of Simmons and Embiid. Every. Single. Day someone is bashing the chemistry of this team. Now when we get a nice sit down interview with our man Embiid about the topic, the world goes radio silent.

Everyone hates the Sixers and I'm starting to love it. I'm starting to love being the villain. I love that when Embiid goes for 25 and 10 he's garbage, but when Jokic goes for single digits in 5 of 8 games no one gives a fuck.

I am so ready to get back from break it's ridiculous. The new look Sixers, with Al Horford coming off the bench, will have the best record in the NBA the rest of the season. We have the second easiest remaining schedule and we're fully healthy. These boys are about to get very very hungry and it starts Thursday on Broad Street.