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We Need To Talk About Who Has Done The Best Coaching Job In College Hoops This Year - And Get Him To The Knicks

I know people don't love to pay attention to college hoops until conference tournament week rolls around, but we need to talk about Georgetown for a second. More importantly we need to talk about what Patrick Ewing has done there this year. He won't win Coach of the Year because of guys like Anthony Grant, Brian Dutcher and Scott Drew but he's the favorite for Big East Coach of the Year right now and he's done the best coaching job in the country.


Georgetown lost All-Conference player James Akinjo, Galen Alexander and Josh LeBlanc to transferring back in early December. Then Mac McClung has missed 5 games and Omer Yurtseven, the starting center, missed the last game - a win over Butler. He's playing with like 6 or 7 scholarship guys and that's it. He has them at 15-10 and squarely on the bubble, trending the right way. They have wins at Butler and St. John's to go with home wins over Creighton, St. John's and DePaul since the calendar turned to 2020. That doesn't include nonconference wins over Texas (when they tried), SMU, Oklahoma State and Syracuse. 

Now I need him as the Knicks head coach. Yeah, it's awesome that he's at his alma mater, where he was the best player in the country and I want Georgetown to be good, because they are a historical program. But I'm a Knicks fan, not a Georgetown fan. As much as I like the not cool Mike Miller and think he's done great as interim head coach, I want everything possible to bring back the 90s Knicks. Why not bring back the best player of that group? 

Then from the Knicks side, Dolan is always looking for an escape. If he hires Ewing it'd be loved by fans and people wouldn't blast him for being a loser for at least one day. It's an easy sell to us idiot fans and you'd assume that Ewing would have a bit longer leash. Maybe he can convince James Dolan that he knows more than him and to get the hell out of the way. At this point what do us Knicks fans have to lose? 

What he's doing at Georgetown is remarkable. No doubt about it. The fact he has them even on the bubble is a story in itself. But if he can do that there, what can he do with the Knicks? Remember he has NBA experience. He wanted to be an NBA head coach. Let's get this thing cooking.