Monstrous News On Drew Brees' Instagram Account Was Just Released

This is absolutely unreal information. Weinbach is offering follow backs? I fucking love a good follow back and to pair that with Drew Brees announcing that he will return for one more season is just the type of social media genius that I love. When I clicked on Drew's page, I thought, "Damn, I'm about to get some big-time news paired with a candid look of Drew standing with his arms out kinda like that one statue in Brazil with Jesus but it's gonna be about football and not Drew comparing himself to Jesus because Drew is a Christian. Jesus doesn't own the market on arms out photos. He certainly could put in a trademark though because, let's be honest, you see arms out and you think of planes of Jesus."

That's all I thought I was gonna get but I got the Weinbach follow back scoop too so that means this blog is about to do numbers. Welcome back, Drew. And Weinbach,,,,, hello. I'm waiting.