Chris Christie Persuaded The Port Authority To Give Jerry Jones' Company World Trade Center Contract

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IBTimes – Less than two years before Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones paid for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s tickets and travel to NFL games, government documents show Christie personally pushed the Port Authority to approve a lucrative contract for a firm part-owned by Jones. Christie nonetheless accepted the gifts from Jones, despite New Jersey ethics rules barring gifts to public officials from persons or entities that those officials “deal with, contact, or regulate in the course of official business.” On March 19, 2013, Christie and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a press release announcing their selection of Legends Hospitality LLC to operate the observation deck on the top floor of One World Trade Center. The next day, the Port Authority board — which is appointed by Christie and Cuomo — specifically cited the governors’ announcement in voting to approve the contract for the company, which is jointly owned by the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees and Checketts Partners Investment Fund. The Port Authority press release announcing the vote quotes Dallas Cowboys executive Jerry Jones, Jr. as saying: “We are humbled to have been chosen to operate the Observatory Deck.” The Wall Street Journal first reported the news that Jones has business with the Port Authority. That story followed an International Business Times report about how Christie’s acceptance of gifts from Jones may conflict with New Jersey ethics rules because the gifts followed Christie’s administration delivering big tax subsidies to the NFL. After IBTimes’ report, Christie officials acknowledged that Jones paid for Christie’s travel and tickets to recent Cowboys games. They assert that the gifts are legal under a separate executive order that aims to exempt gifts from “personal friends” of the governor. Christie on Monday said he is considering attending the next Cowboys game in Green Bay, Wisconsin. According to the Journal, Randy Levine, a board member of Legends Hospitality, said Jones was not involved in the negotiations with Port Authority for the observation deck contract. However, Levine said Jones’ family is a “significant” investor in the firm.

I know you guys are gonna be pretty surprised to hear this, but nepotism does, in fact, still exist in the year 2015. I know its hard to believe. I know a lot of you out there believe everything is always fair and square and there’s no under the table handshakes going on in the world of politics and business and Santa Claus really delivers presents to every child in the world in one night, but I guess I’ll have to be the one to burst your bubble. This aint a big deal.

This is how the business world works. You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. Or in Jerry Jones and Chris Christie’s situation, I think its more of a you show me yours I’ll show you mine. Motorboating each other and shit. This is good old fashioned business between a mogul billionaire and a New Jersey politician. Before feminism and equal rights and all that other pussy shit, this is how men got shit done. Let me watch football games in your luxury box and I’ll let you run the top of Freedom Tower. Then we all go out together and bang whores and put our dicks in Glory Holes and all that other Jerry Jones type of shit. Its no different than when you take clients out to dinner or stock brokers to strip clubs except its times a billion because its with Jerry Jones and Chris Christie.

Of course all the Christie detractors will say this is corrupt and call for his head and write their eulogy for his political career and blah blah blah. I’ll be the guy over here who understands this is how the world works. Boys will be boys.