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Brooks Koepka Says Patrick Reed Knew He Was Cheating When He Was 'Building Sand Castles' In The Bahamas

Brooks Koepka don't give a FUCK. But before we get into that, you gotta love seeing Sway talk about golf. I say that as a joke but also not because that's part of what makes Brooks great for golf. He does things that other golfers do not and in theory helps expand the audience. Brooks wears Off White sneakers while playing golf, other golfers do not. Brooks goes on Sway In The Morning and talks about how he listens to Yo Gotti before every tournament, other golfers do not. It's just cool to see golf being talked about on shows you wouldn't expect.

Back to Brooks not giving a fuck, he really doesn't give a fuck. Now that he's got majors piled up on his trophy case he's willing to say anything and everything that's on his mind. He was READY to go for Patrick Reed's throat in regards to the bunker incident down in the Bahamas during the Hero World Challenge. How long has he had that 'building sand castles' line ready to go? It had to be awhile and he delivered it perfectly. I will say, the majority of the people share the same opinion that Brooks has, people think Reed cheated whether he admits to it or not. The difference is that Brooks Koepka is saying it as opposed to someone who isn't Brooks Koepka. Brooks sneaky has beef with a bunch of people now. The supposed rivalry with Rory, the slow play showdown/six pack beef with Bryson DeChambeau and now he's taking shots at Patrick Reed. As a guy with a golf podcast, I love it. Keep going, Brooks. Talk that shit.