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Knicks Fans Chanting "Fire Fisher" At The End Of Their Loss To The Bucks

Now, granted this sounds more like a handful of Knicks fans that you could easily here because the arena was fucking silent, but theres no disputing there are a contingency of Knicks fans out there turning on Fisher. Thats dumb. This aint Derek Fisher’s fault. He’s part of the problem, no doubt. But he’s not the problem. This team stinks. The players stink. They’re either underachieving, injured or just bad. Say they were hovering around the middle of the pack in the East and you really felt like they should be contending more and the difference was a rookie coach unable to motivate his guys enough or get his message across – then I think you’d be a little more justified in calling out Derek Fisher. But we’re talking about a team that is FIVE AND THIRTY ONE. They’ve lost 11 in a row, and 21 of 22. If it wasnt for stealing a win against the Celtics, they would have lost 22 straight. Thats a quarter of the fucking season-long losing streak. When the team is this bad, it doesnt matter who is on the sidelines. You could have a hybrid of John Wooden, Red Auerbach and Gregg Popovich coaching this shitshow and it wouldnt matter.

But like I said, Fisher is part of the problem. This quote from last game summed it up best:

Just so symbolic of what is going on with him on the sidelines. So in over his head and unable to get these guys to figure out the triangle or buy into any sort of defense and he just has no clue what to say or do because of it. Having an uninspiring, overwhelmed rookie head coach definitely isnt helping the situation, but lets point some fingers at the guys on the court. When you’re over/under number was 40.5 (!!!!!) and it looks like you might not get to 10 on the season, its the product on the court, not the sidelines.

PS – How about this shit?


Maybe the most amazing stat in all of sports. We’re either the most loyal or most stupid fan base in all of sports. Probably some hybrid of the two.

PPS – Clyde chuckling at the chant is pretty funny stuff. You cant help but laugh at this sideshow.